Clash of Clans, a real challenge for mobile gamers

Do you have what it takes?

Clash of clans is a game that needs a lot of strategy, so you need to play this game so good so you will win almost all games. But, for that you need to know some things first. It isn’t easy to play Clash of Clans because if you really want to win and play this game for real you need to inform first.

Before start playing inspect every button you see, get information about every one of it and only after that start playing. If you play the game without do these things you will see that you play for nothing. You should also read about the Clash of Clans hack before you start playing, that can save you some money.


We are sure that you see the term: “Clan”. It is used for describing a group of players that play always together to win different stuff. For example, you can win more easily trophies. Why are so important these trophies? Because with their help you win gems and more than that you win a better place in the gamers top because if you want to see you in the leaders board you must win a lot of trophies, the Clash of Clans hack deutsch I’ve mentioned before can help you with getting that better place.

Also, if you want to win fame and to loot, you need to play in Clans Wars.

What are the Clans Wars?

Well, as the name says you will fight with another clan that have the same power as you and you will play offensively and defensively in the same time.

You clan leader or co leader can start the match and while this you will be places in the matchmaking pool. If another clan is available, your match will be found immediately, but if not it can takes a few minutes but also a few hours.

But, you do not need only a clan. You need at least 10 clans to play in Clans Wars and you can play with other 50 clans.

This clans war has more steps. You start with a preparation day when you prepare your army, donate troops and redesign your base.


If you want your clan to win you have to donate troops. But, you can donate a limited number of troops.

You have 23 hours for this and for scouting your enemy bases.

In the battle day you need to know that you have a limited number of time available for attacks. Usually, you can attack only two times.  Remember that you can’t attack the same base two times in a row.

Also, you do not have to worry that you will lose your trophies because this will not happen!

Clash of Clans will try to help you by recommending you a base to attack. Our choice will be made depending on your strength, army and trophies because we want you to win and you offer you that chance. If you want to choose something else, you are free to do it!

Clash of Clans, only for real warriors

The conclusion is that you have many option to hurry up your position in the leaders board and also you will be able to win trophies and gems that will allow you to build a better and stronger town faster than other that do not use clans war. And your ultimate ally in this game is the one and only Clash of Clans hack, either that or your wallet, enjoy!