Card gaming – new Supercell game, Clash Royale

Cards based games rule on mobile

If you play Clash Royale you know the fact that it is based on Cards. You need to own cards almost for everything: troops, buildings and spells. It’s something different and funnier than the classic type of game because it brings something new on the game market.

If you do not start to play Clash Royale yet but you know Clash of Clans, you need to know that they were created by the same company: Supercell and both of them are free to download and play on any advice.

Clash Royale was created after Clash Of Clans because it knew a very huge success and it is the most popular game. Clash Royale has also troops and buildings, some of them are common. Also, it is a strategy game and you need to fight for experience and trophies. What brings it new despite cards for everything, is the way you use and own Elixir. You will get some Elixir during the fight and the maximum amount of Elixir you can have is 10. Get the best experience with the best cards in-game by using the almighty clash royale hack.

Do not thing that using cards instead of clicking on the buildings’ icon is harder. More than that it is nicer because it is something different and the game works in another way.

Let’s talk a little about Buildings Cards. These are what building cards you can own: Elixir Collector, Inferno tower, X-Bow, Tesla, Furnace, Mortar, Cannon, Tombstone, Globin Hut, Barbarian Hut and Bomb Tower.

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Begginers tricks

We will try to give you the most important information about them to make your game better and easier just from the beginning. If you are a beginner the best option for you is to read first about the gameplay, buildings and spell to found out what they are about and which is the best way to use them. Also get the best possible gear from clash royale cheats generator which is 1 click away.

Let’s start with the Elixir Collector because it is very important for the game. Without it you can’t use spell cards, so you can’t fight and you will lose for sure. You can unlock this Elixir Collector from Builder’s Workshop that is Arena number 6. Trophies required are 1700. What is an Arena? It is a battleground. How do you unlock an Arena? You can do it by winning trophies. So, if you want to own an Elixir Collector you need to win 1700 trophies. If you do not do it, you will wait a very long time for Elixir and probably you will lose a lot of battles. You will win Elixir during the battle but you will also win extra Elixir if you own and Elixir Collector and more elixir faster mean a straight way for winning the fight.

To deploy an Elixir Collector card you will need also elixir (5 elixir). You can use it in another situation than winning some extra elixir for the battle. You can use it to protect your buildings that are more important than elixir collector: for example your tower buildings or troop buildings because maintain this buildings safe is more important than maintain safe an elixir collector. For example, in a battle Giants will attack first your elixir collector instead of attacking your troops buildings. You won’t need any special other instructions if you simply follow our lead to the clash royale hack website. You will have everything you need from the very beggining.

Clash Royale – a strategy game based on spell cards

Clash Royale is a strategy games based on spell cards.

You can choose and own between many types of spell cards but now will talk about some of them.chests

We will start with Mirror Cards. The mirror will help you to double your last card used only for 1 extra Elixir. You can unlock it in the Arena 5 in Spell Valley. You can use it only after you used before another spell card. But, you will be announced that you can’t use it as a first card if you will try to. Also, you need to know that it doesn’t have a defined cost.

We will present you how much spell cards and power you can gain from each Area.

In Training Camp you can obtain Spells as Arrows or Fireball and troops as: knight, archers, musketeer, baby dragon, skeleton army, witch, knight, price and so on with money ofcourse. But you can also get them for free if you generate enough coins and gems using a special Clash Royale hack from: (french version).

In Globin Stadium you can own spear Globins, Globins and Valkyrie as troops, Lightning and Globin Barrel as spells and Globin Hut as buildings.

In Bone Pit you can gain Skeletons, Minions, Giant Skeleton, and Balloon as troops and as buildings: Bomb Tower and Tombstone.

In Barbarian Bowl you can gain Rage and Rocket. In Playhouse: freeze. In Spell Valley: Zap, Mirror and Poison. In Builder’s Workshop: the Log.

Zap is a spell card you can use to stun your enemies. Their health will be slowly damaged and you can see a small/medium radius around them.

Spell costs and deck strategies

It will cost you 2 Elixir and you can unlock it from Spell Valley. Think a lot about the fact that you can action with this spell card only on small groups of troops. You can gain the best troops with gems that you can aquire through these guys clash royale hack at: (german version).

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But, if you want to freeze your enemies better than in any other case, our advice is to use Freeze spell card. With this spell you can freeze also buildings, not only troops. In this way you will make they unable to do something: attack or move. You need 4 Elixir to activate it. It costs more than Zap spell and that is why it is better than Zap spell for freezing. So, our advice is to use Zap Spell when you remain with no Elixir or if you can use 2 spell cards with your remained Elixir.

If you use Freeze spell card our advice is to use also Balloon Spell Card. They will drop bombs and damage is a very important one. Why it is so good to use it together with Freeze spell? Well, if you will freeze your enemies when balloons will drop bombs they will have an exact point of attack and your enemies will be damaged for sure. But, if you use the Balloon spell when they are moving, you risk consuming it for nothing. You will gain this Balloon spell card in Arena 2 in Bone Pit. The disadvantage is that you need 5 Elixir to use it. You can have available maximum 10 Elixir but you will have very rare this sum of Elixir, so use it properly or upgrade your deck using a clash royale hack to generate enough resources for you to get the best cards!

To use Freeze and Balloon spell together you will need 9 Elixir. So, if you have them, it is the best option for attack your enemies and win the battle.