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NBA Live Mobile short review

With offseason moves from several NBA stars such as Dwayne Wade going to the Chicago Bulls; Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks; and most especially, Kevin Durant to the 73-win Golden State Warriors, the NBA landscape surely has changed for the 2016-2017 season. EA Sports has released an NBA mobile game that looks to emulate the fast-paced changes in the NBA and give the fans an inside look into the association.


To top-off this list, a graphics check for the NBA Live Mobile will show if the mobile game deserves the hype. Generally, the game’s graphics is a better version of the 2nd generation console graphics, but not nearly enough for the later versions. Yet, the fluidity of movements and the in-depth player skills on both offense and defense shows a well-thought out game. It can show spectacular dunks, showing signature moves from NBA stars.


One of the biggest surprises about the mobile game is the versatility of the controls when it comes to the virtual stick function and the buttons. Normally, the buttons would be a disaster for a game that relies on fluidity of movement and real-time accuracy of response. But EA sports and its game developers have all of these in mind when they created the game.

People who have played the game commended the controls for bringing NBA games to life through mobile. The nifty passes that lead to powerful slams at the hoop is accurate to the pace of the NBA. Thus, players do not suffer any more from abnormally slow-moving characters that lack the flare and luster of their NBA star counterparts.


In terms of the roster, the mobile game released an update to better emulate the NBA. Thus, people can play their favorite teams exactly as how they watch them on TV. The game also took it a step further by emulating the new court designs and jerseys. The rookie additions are also included, so people can play the rising NBA star freshmen who are having their first breakout season in the NBA.

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Game Modes

Other game modes that will bring a different mood to the game are the new Rookie Program that showcases the best rookie players from the latest NBA draft; the Season Mode which lets gamers play their favorite teams in pursuit of the NBA trophy; the Ultimate Team mode where gamers create their own team and advance through an entire NBA season; and the Live Event mode where gamers can participate in current NBA games and events. Additionally, gamers can also take their game into the front office by being a General Manager in the Run Your Team game mode.


Significant extra modes and features in the game is the addition of the Daily Objectives, bringing in the norm in mobile games which gives bonuses to regular gamers. Several extra additions brought by the latest update include a revamped splash screen and NBA Live Mobile logo, and several graphics and gameplay enhancements, and improvements that bring more life into the action. Speaking of action, you need to check out this NBA Live Mobile hack and generate yourself enough cash and coins to get whatever you want. This is available only for a limited time and special players like yourself.