Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – A Masterpiece by EA

What is it?  It’s an open- world action adventure game likely to be released on 26th May 2016 revolving around Faith’s origin and her attempt to overthrow corporations ruling the city of Glass.

Developers- EA DICE

Publishers- Electronic Arts

Producer- Sara Jannson

Platforms- Microsoft windows, Play station 4, Xbox one

Mode- single player & Multiplayer

The game is the reboot of 2008’s Mirror’s edge will use the modified Frostbite 3 engine. As per EA the game will take the player across utopian rooftops. But in fact the player will experience parkour if seen from first person perspective.

It will require a mid to high range PC with AMD FX-8300 or Intel I5 processor and a R9 390 or GTX 970 GPU to reach high graphic settings. There are certainly options to help older hardware to be able to run the game with lower graphic settings.

The Story Revolving

Mirror’s edge Catalyst is an adventurous game in which players’ takes control of the Faith Connors while progressing through a city called Glass. Just like previous version players evade enemies and knock them off their feet. The use of environmental objects such as Zip- Lines and ledges and equipments like mag rope gives it an extraordinary experience and creates zeal to play further. Previous Mirror’s edge use of levels and linear gameplay has been replaced in this version with a free roaming open-world environment. It provides players with more freedom in traversal and allowing use of multiple paths to reach one object.


The time trials, races and environmental puzzles will also be featured in this version. Mirror’s edge Catalyst has removed the feature of using guns by the players altogether thus focusing on Faith’s running skills and movement of Parkour and the has featured the use of quick melee-style attacks to take down and evade enemies. To avoid the bullets of enemies faith enters into focus mode while running.

The game collector edition has been announced on July 9 2015 having Faith’s figurine, a steel book and some temporary tattoos, lithograph and a storage box.

More about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

The release will feature recurring characters and factions also maintaining the core theme. Confirmed returning character includes Celesta Wilson. Just like her previous appearance, Celeste is a cocky member of a rival runner cabal having similar skills like Faith. Faith’s parents in the sequel die in the same circumstances as their original counterparts.


Mirror edge delivers players into the shoe of modern day cool heroine as she is engaged in active combat, quick chases and interesting puzzles. With an ultimate sense of amazing movements and perspectives, players are drawn to the world of Faith’s beliefs and actions.

Players having vertigo or acrophobia may have trouble in playing this adventurous game full of actions. Some part of game has violent acts of Faith resulting to bloodshed of enemies. But as a whole it is an exciting and immersive video game worth playing and having fun time.